September 11, 2002
Memorial Dedication
Monument Donated by Rotary Club of West Haven
Savin Rock Conference Center

Welcome .....West Haven Rotary Club President Alan R. Olenick
Music ........5th Grade Chorus of Savin Rock Community School
Remarks .....West Haven Police Chief Russell F. Kniehl Jr
                    West Haven Fire Chief and 911 Coordinator William S. Johnson Jr.
                    Mayor H. Richard Borer Jr.
Music ........5th Grade Chorus of Savin Rock Community School

Closing Remarks .....Human Resources Commissioner Beth A. Sabo

The Plaque reads.

Dedicated to the Firefighters. Police Officers, Emergency Workers and Civilians, who lost their lives in the terrorists attacks on our country September 11, 2001, and in memory of West Haven resident Richard S. Gabrielle, who was working in the World Trade Center that fateful day.

Never Forget the Victims of 9/11

Special thanks to:

Jimmies of Savin Rock
Reliable Fence
Pereira Construction
Ivy League Landscaping
West Haven Beautification Committee

The West Haven Memorial was designed by Harold J Schaller of Peacock Memorials

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